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As you would be well aware by now, we were absolutely thrilled to receive an award for AktiMate during the recent Australian Hi Fi and AV Show when they announced the “Ultimate 30” - yes, the best 30 products released in Australia over the last 30 years!

AktiMate was one of those prestigious products!  

We promised we would share our recent success. And now we can. We have just taken delivery of a quantity of the AktiMate Blue, AktiMate’s top of the line speaker and they are being made available on a first come, first served basis at an unbelievable price.

These active speakers have an array of RCA and digital inputs, RCA outputs, subwoofer output plus Bluetooth. Refresh your memory of all the Blue has to offer by visiting www.aktimate.com/blue.html

For a limited time - and while stocks last  -you can buy AktiMate Blue speakers at a huge saving of $400 per pair. You can place your order directly via this link

Here's a little reminder about some press comments ....the superb connectivity is not the true strength of these speakers although it can be impressive, it's the sound that fires the soul - it is inherently right from the first notes, a big spacious sound with nothing missing, nothing over-emphasised. loaded with enthusiasm, delightful in its musicality.

Go on, give yourself an early Christmas present! Just don’t wait too long!





Price is reduced to just $599 … give yourself that early Xmas present

Be sure to also take a look at this page from AktiMate’s Australian distributor Audio Heaven - even more surprises are in store!



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