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With the international success in recent years of Epoz’s own brand AktiMate, our primary emphasis will now be directed towards the development, manufacture and international distribution of the AktiMate range. This exciting brand has grown at an exceptionally fast rate since it was introduced late in 2007.  

Servicing the international AktiMate markets to enhance the Australian image of our brand is all important.

To ensure none of the momentum within the local Australian AktiMate market is lost, we have recently appointed a dynamic company to take care of the growing demand for the AktiMate range of products throughout the country.

This company joins with the international distributors to provide global representation. www.audioheaven.com.au

Audio Heaven a Melbourne based organisation, was the one to impress us most with their energy and vitality for a variety of brands. Relatively new to the Australian market their enthusiasm is boundless.

AktiMate has also launched its new site in conjunction with the change in distribution. www.aktimate.com.au

Global distributors can be found on the AktiMate site

Effective from the end of 2014 a dramatic change has taken place at Epoz.

A decision to relinquish the Australian distribution for Creek and Epos sees these two superb English brands under the care of Audio Dynamics in Melbourne. www.audiodynamics.com.au

Audio Dynamics is undoubtedly one of the finest audio distribution companies in Australia and we know that both Creek and Epos are in fine hands for the future.

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